The BadCameo Press Kit

About the band

Born in North Carolina and now living in Clearwater, FL, Indie-Funk Fusion band BadCameo blends all types of influences into a cocktail of disco-glam grooves! The band motto is “fuse whatever you got into this music”, which is evident in their flamboyant stage persona, eclectic aesthetic, and use of props like their signature stuffed fish. Always immersing fans in an all-out dance party (the BC guarantee!), it’s clear that BadCameo is a band unlike any other.

In October 2020, the band released their debut studio album “BadCameo Out Loud”. The album was self-recorded and engineered, and explores the relationships one has with themselves and those around them. The nine songs push the boundaries of funk, disco, jazz, and pop, while even slipping in a little samba!

Beyond recording, the band plays shows and tours as often as possible. Since their origination in 2017, they’ve played well over 100 shows in a variety of venues. They’ve shared bills with bands like Kendall Street Company, Roosevelt Collier, Of Good Nature, Arson Daily, and Joe Marcinek. Check out the BadCameo Funk Train and learn what the funky boys are all about!

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